Shaquille's $300,000.00 offer to Shaunie O’Neal, his ex-wife, to stay at home. How he came to regret it

Shaquille O’Neal confessed to his huge mistake that could have just cost him his marriage with Shaunie O’Neal

This may be obvious, but Shaquille has been much more generous since his NBA career ended.

He could also be a result of the more time he gets to spend with his family. He has made many mistakes in his long and successful life.

He has taken the lessons learned and tried to be a better person, just like every great man.

Admitting to your mistakes is an important part of this process.

The Lakers legend, Shaunie O'Neal, recently admitted that he regretted the worst part of his marriage to Shaunie.

Shaq and Shaunie's marriage ran from 2002 to 2011.

The Big Diesel, who has since divorced, has openly admitted how difficult his single life was and how many doubts he had about his decision to end their marriage. 

He clearly holds one with more shame than all the others, as we have already stated.