Sports World's Response to Terrifying Eva Marie News

Eva Marie, a former WWE star, had an extremely frightening experience during the holiday weekend. 

She was bitten by fire ants and needed to be admitted to the emergency room.

She captioned the video, "When you have a severe allergic reaction to FIRE ANTS. You end up in the ER." "Anaphylactic shock."

Marie is reportedly doing well, and the sports world is praying for them.

She wrote, "I love you guys, I'm fine now this was last Week on Labor Day," in the comments section of her YouTube video. "But everything is fine now."

Fans hope she feels better. One fan wrote, "Feel better queen."

"Oh damn! One fan shared the wish for a quick recovery.

One fan shared the following on social media: "How can people be safe from fire ants that scare me?"

Feel better, Eva!