Stan Lee's Superman Version Finally Returns to DC Art

Spoilers for Tales from Earth 6 A Celebration of Stan Lee #1 DC ComicsStan Lee’s Superman is back in stunning new cover artwork that features his version of the Man of Steel. 

Tales from Earth 6 A Celebration of Stan Lee #1 DC Comics features a new cover featuring Lee's Superman. 

This variant will be available in a stunning piece by Ariel Colon. The issue will feature the return of the late legend's Justice League. 

Lee collaborated with DC Comics in the 2000s to create the Justice League's version in his Just Imagine universe. 

Lee collaborated with many of the most prominent names in the industry and young talent to create Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash. 

The new DC Comics anthology celebrating Lee's 100th Birthday will feature those characters. It arrives in comic shops on December 27, 2022. 

Superman is a Kryptonian police officer who was created by John Buscema in the Just Imagine universe. 

During an investigation, Salden is taken to Earth. 

He is unable to return home so he takes on the role of Superman in order to improve what he considers a primitive world. 

The variant cover art by Ariel Colon shows Lee's Superman in mid-flight