Steven Spielberg's jet burned $116,000 worth of fuel in 2 months

According to flight tracking data, a private jet owned by Steven Spielberg has used more than $116,000 worth of jet fuel since June. 

This is despite previous warnings from the Hollywood director about global warming.

According to the flight tracking data from ADSB Exchange and compiled using the database Celebrity Jets, 

Spielberg's plane, a Gulfstream G650 has used at least $116159 worth of jet fuel during 16 trips covering nearly 17,000 miles since June 23. 

These figures are probably exaggerated as the database did not calculate fuel and distance metrics for Spielberg's plane.

Spielberg, however, has stated previously that global warming "terrifies" him. 

He also chastises people who "go blindly through life" and don't care about the impact it has on the environment.

Spielberg said, "I'm afraid of [global warming]" during a 2018 interview to promote Ready Player One. Global warming is a scientific fact.

It is not a political trick. It is a real piece of scientific, quantifiable, and measurable science."