Stranger Things: Season 4's Saddest Scene Is Will Lying About His Paint

Stranger Things fans are convinced that Will lies about his painting and has feelings for Mike. Mike has even sacrificed his feelings.

Stranger Things fans were warned Season 4 would be filled with chaos, death, and heartbreak. Many were still upset by the new season. 

Eddie Munson's heroic, tragic, and preventable sacrifice was all three.

This time, Dr. Brenner actually passed away; Max is still in a coma, and Hawkins was ripped to pieces by Vecna’s four gates to The Upside Down.

The super-sized Volume 2 episodes were characterized by chaos and heartbreak. 

There was one scene, however, that was particularly heartbreaking. 

It didn't involve anyone being killed. This happened in Episode 8, "Papa", when Will finally showed Mike the painting.

This happened as Mike, Will and Jonathan were on their way from Eleven's secret laboratory to rescue them. 

Mike and Will were in the back, and Mike began to wonder why Eleven would want to be there with him.

Mike thought it was just dumb luck that Eleven had superpowers and that they met. Eleven would eventually realize there was nothing special about Mike and move on to someone else.