Super Mario Bros. UE remake brings in Realistic Chris Pratt

Although we don't know the exact date Chris Pratt will reveal his Mario's voice, we know it will be "unlike any you've ever heard." 

All this waiting is getting some fans a little antsy, and one has decided to pour their anxiety into something productive. 

Re-Imagined Games (via Nintendo Life) is recreated Super Mario Bros. in Unreal Engine. It wouldn't be remarkable, but they are using Chris Pratt's Mario model. 

You can also find realistic-looking models of the Koopas and Goombas as well as the Piranha Plants. And unlike the original Mario, it is fully 3D.

It's difficult to tell the difference until you reach level 3. The levels are largely linear and faithfully recreated from the original game. 

However, at level 3, Pratt-Mario must jump onto multiple platforms that are guarded with red Koopas. 

Re-Imagined Games' trailer states that "I have been a Nintendo fan my whole life and I am very excited for the Super Mario animated film from Illumination Nintendo."

While we wait for the trailer, I decided to create a fan project. 

Then I began to wonder how it would look if Chris Pratt and Charlie Day, Anya Taylor Joy, Jack Black, and Keegan-Michael Key were actually these characters in a realistic mushroom Kingdom.