Susan Sarandon Just Confirmed She's Bisexual in a Hilarious & Totally Casual Way

Susan Sarandon has hinted several times that she could not be strictly heterosexual

however, when she was an interviewer on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon over the weekend

The actress casually admitted that she was bisexual in hilariously iconic fashion and we'd have expected more from this Hollywood famous.

When Jimmy Fallon mentioned the episode when Sarandon appeared on the show, she stated that she had brought her dogs along.

Sarandon explained the fact that their "little creatures" had passed away on the rainbow bridge a year ago, and after the passing of their pets

she had informed the son of one her children that that she did not feel she was able to take on a new dog. 

Sarandon later told Fallon her son to get cats instead.

She then said an eerily funny, unpredictably, and famous, "And I'm bi, and I'm bi, ..." Fallon while in a snarky way, asks, "Wait, so... Do you love cats and dogs?" With Sarandon answering "I'm fluid.