Sydney Sweeney Speaks Out After Family Photo 

Sydney Sweeney is facing backlash regarding photos taken at an event with her family. 

After hosting a surprise hoedown celebration in Idaho to celebrate her mother's 60th birthday celebration 

the current Emmy Award nominee, 24 was criticized online of a picture of a family member wearing the "Blue Lives Matter" T-shirt. 

Their brother Trent Sweeney also shared photos of guests sporting mock MAGA caps, which were printed with: "Make Sixty Great Again. 

""You guys, this is crazy. A simple celebration of my mom's 60th birthday has become an untrue political statement that was not the goal. 

Don't make assumption," Sweeney wrote on Twitter. "Much love to all as well as Happy Birthday to Mom!" 

Sweeney was greeted with more criticisms in the responses.