Taron Egerton Says He's Met With Marvel's Kevin Feige, Hoping for "Shot" to Play Wolverine

After his role as the character of Elton John, Taron Egerton is hoping to play another iconic character: Logan.

The actor, known for his character as Eggsy in the two previous Kingsman films

as well as for his performance as John in Rocketman

spoke to The New York Times to promote his Apple TV+ series Black Bird

in an interview posted on the internet in the newspaper on Friday.

The article says that Egerton has spoken to Marvel Studios brass, including the president Kevin Feige

and that Egerton wants to follow Hugh Jackman's footsteps and become the next Wolverine.

"I believe it wouldn't be a mistake to say that" Egerton, 32

said to the newspaper laughing about his enthusiasm for the role.