Taylor Swift reveals the meaning behind the song's upcoming release 'Anti-Hero "I think it's very honest'

Don't worry, and even Taylor Swift hates some things about herself at times.

The star-making singer announced a different track's title for her forthcoming "Midnights" album on midnight on Monday.

However, she there was a twist, namely an "behind this song" small snippet.

In a post on Instagram, Swift divulged that the third track, "Anti-Hero," is one of her top songs she's ever composed due to the way it digs into the specifics that are a part of her insecurities.

"I struggle with the notion that my life is too big and I wrestle with the idea of not being like myself,"

she says, before completing the self-aware act of laughing and mocking crying, "Don't feel bad for me."

However, Swift continues, "This track is really a guide through all of the things that I be unhappy about myself.

We all have things we dislike about ourselves. It's all of things that we don't like and admire in ourselves, that we must to confront when we decide to be this kind of person.