Teacher Charged With Sex Crimes After Posting Videos Of Students On TikTok

A Tennessee teacher facing a number of sex crimes serves as a warning to parents of how risky social media sites are.

The reports of teachers who have been charged with sex-related crimes against children are growing

with at least 180 offenders receiving media attention during the first quarter of 2022.

In the wake of news that former instructor Taylor Cruze is garnering national attention due to her alleged sexy behavior, 

a lot of families are reminded to not just teach limits to their children but also have important discussions on healthy internet and media habits.

23-year-old Taylor Cruze was a first-year teacher teaching fifth grade in her first year at the John Colemon School located in Smyrna, Tennessee.

According to local news outlet WSMV4 the teacher is currently facing 19 sexual assault charges related to the content she shared from her class on TikTok.

The videos were reported to be sexually explicit, however the content has not been released by authorities.