Tesla (TSLA ) is asking its shareholders for permission to split its stock for the second time in two years. 

This split would come in the form of a dividend, which would pay shareholders additional shares 

Tesla did not give details about how many shares investors would receive 

The previous split in August of 2020 gave shareholders five shares for every share they own. 

Tesla stock struggled in the early part of this year 

The company announced it received German government approval to deliver the first cars built at its new factory outside of Berlin.  

Shares are up 32% since closing at $766.37 just two weeks ago. The stock closed Friday at $1,010 

Which once again gives the company a market value greater than $1 trillion. 

Tesla's previous five-for-one split went into effect, shares jumped 12.6%, shares have more than doubled since that time 

That split came in the midst of a historic run for Tesla shares, which gained 743% during the course of 2020.