Thanos vs. Homelander would end in a bloodbath (It's not close)

Many are asking their friends on Twitter who would win a fight between Marvel's Thanos from The Boys and Homelander, The Boys.

While it would be thrilling to see the two villains face off, they are both the most powerful beings within their respective universes.

There is no doubt that Homelander and Thanos are the true winners. Thanos used the Infinity Stones in order to kill half the living beings.

His Eternals physiology is stronger than most heroes. He's been able to take on the Avengers and other powerful threats without much resistance.

Homelander, an evil Superman-like version, is a member of The Boys. He has defeated many Supes and other people who stood in his path.

Both are respected in their respective universes. However, a fight between Thanos or Homelander would result in the destruction and total annihilation of The Seven patriotic members.

There are very few advantages that The Boys' Supe would enjoy in a fight between Thanos or Homelander as depicted in comics. 

Although Homelander is able to fly, Thanos's superpowers, such as heat vision, super strength and endurance, would not be an issue.

Because he is an Eternal and has a physiology that makes him stronger, Thanos could beat Homelander. He can also take more damage, making him virtually invulnerable.