You will often notice a pattern with Netflix's new releases, which rocketed up the streaming site's Top 10 charts right away. 

This is the slowing down of interest as time passes. 

In other words, there's an immediate surge of interest that gradually wanes from one week to another. 

This was evident with Netflix's popular but canceled series First Kill. 

However, that is not the case with The Sandman, a fantasy adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s comic book series. 

Netflix's latest batch of Top 10 TV and movie show charts was released on Tuesday, August 16. 

The new English-language top TV show ranking shows that The Sandman has widened its lead over its competition. 

The Sandman is still the #1 Netflix series in the world. It has accumulated 127.5 million hours of global viewing for this 7-day period. 

This week's #2 show? Season 3 of Never Have I Ever brought in just half as much (a little more than 55 million hours).