The actress found alive in jail after her Tinder date, who had gone missing

After a Tinder date, Australian actress Laura McCulloch went radio silent. 

Her family was worried for days. 

She was discovered alive and well in Los Angeles jail cells on Tuesday, August 16.

The actress, who is well-known for her roles in musicals, went out on a date in L.A. on August 12. 

Laura failed to show up for any of her commitments the next day and she didn't check in on her family, prompting concern and a manhunt.

Her family confirmed Tuesday that Laura was not "missing." 

This admission was made after MailOnline reported that Laura had been in jail for four days following a row at a restaurant. 

Police later confirmed this report.

Santa Monica Police Department reports that officers responded to Laura's rowdy behavior at a restaurant on August 12. 

She made matters worse in the moments that followed.