The Curse Of Harrenhal Explained & How It Affects Game Of Thrones

Warning SPOILERS to House of the Dragon season episode 6 and Fire & Blood ahead.

House of the Dragon episode six is set to visit the cursed Harrenhal castle, which was also featured as a character in Game of Thrones.

Harrenhal is the largest castle of the seven kingdoms and was the residence of many famous houses.

Because of the fact that many of these houses have met their demise in the midst of the night, Harrenhal is believed to hold a curse.

In the House of the Dragon episode 6 sees the castle take the lives of Lyonel Strong as well as his son Ser Harwin Strong.

The famous castle of Harrenhal was built during the reign of Harren of House Hoare.

Harren of the House Hoare was intended to become the most formidable fortress of the Seven Kingdoms. 

Unfortunately for Harren his castle, he failed to take into account Targaryens or the dragons they fought.

Aegon the Conqueror, riding his dragon Balerion Harrenhal, smuggled Harren living in the tower and the majority of his castle.