The Internet Convinces Khloe Kardashian's Daughter to Be True. Kylie Jenner's Son Name Was Accidentally Revealed by the Internet

The second season premiered on Hulu this weekend and has already caused a stir among fans because of one scene. 

True Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian's child, revealed the name of Kylie Jenner. A few internet sleuths believe so.

Khloe had her surrogate son, and she asked her daughter via FaceTime: "Do you want someone to see him?". 

The four-year-old responded enthusiastically, and her mom then asked who she would like to see. 

True replied, "Hi Snowy!" Because Khloe made it clear that her brother's name would be "going, to begin with, a T," viewers were sent in a completely different direction.

Could True be referring to Kylie's son? Stormi, her cousin, has taught her the value of being a big sister.

Twitter was flooded with speculation about this theory. One user wrote, "nobody is questioning True calling Snowy her baby brother.

I'm so mad that it could be Kylies baby name." Maybe I'm not the only one to pick it up, or maybe I'm just thinking too much."