The internet's most popular Khaby Lame's income per blog post will make you shiver.

Khabar Lame, also known by the name Khaby Lame, made himself an internet celebrity 

because he proclaimed the obvious in the hilarious content he posted.

The Senegalese content creator who made people laugh out loud has made a fortune through his fame.

In recent times, the manager spilled out some information about the estimated earnings.

in an interview with Fortune Khaby's manager, Alessandro Riggio stated that the celebrity was on track to earn $10 million because of his fame on social media as well as other endorsements.

In the past, Khaby was paid $450,000 by Hugo Boss to walk the ramp for the brand during the Milan Fashion Show.

The brand also requested the creator of the content to publish his fashion show on TikTok.

In addition, Riggio disclosed that a major Hollywood studio paid Khaby $750,000 for one particular TikTok video.

However, Khaby's attitude toward his fame and wealth can be surprising.