The Justice League makes a completely surprise appearance in the brand new trailer for 'Black Adam'

The latest trailer to Black Adam features members of the Justice League and Harley Quinn and Harley Quinn, to the delight of many fans.

Lead actor Dwayne Johnson shared the trailer on Twitter, stating his belief that Black Adam existed before the universe of heroes and villains, and the trailer confirmed this fact.

The trailer opens with a close-up of Batman's Batarang from the theatrical version of Justice League,

Lois Lane's hand on the chest of Superman in Man of Steel, Aquaman in his superhero outfit with his trident,

 which he wore in his film, and Harley Quinn walking away from the Ace Chemicals Plant explosion in The Birds Of Prey.

The trailer shows then Black Adam's return to the contemporary world, while the narration reveals that he once was the one who "ruled it all."

Armed men confront Black Adam, then all chaos ensues when he unleashes his super-strong and lightning-powered powers on anyone who are in his way.

Black Adam calls his powers to be a curse, and not a gift resulting from rage.