The MCU was created because a studio believed Iron Man was too heavy to fly.

It's an amazing thing that there's even a chance that Marvel Cinematic Universe exists at all, 

however, an alternative studio could have created the Iron Man movie before it began to launch the MCU The reality that there is an MCU exists is remarkable considering it.

The Marvel movie franchise could have gone a different way however if a rival studio had chosen to release their own Iron Man movie first, 

however they were turned off due to how heavy the character is. 

Sounds crazy, isn't it? There were many plans to create comic book films long before the entire cinematic landscape was taken over by MCU films, 

however many of these ideas went under before making their way onto the screen. 

As it turns out, Iron Man, one of the recognizable MCU characters, and the one who got the ball rolling back in 2008 almost made it to the silver screen prior to the big Marvel film debut.

In an article from The Hollywood Reporter on the condition of the DCEU and the DCEU 

they reveal a fascinating tiny detail of the way New Line Cinema bosses pulled off the idea of an Iron Man movie because