The Orville Just outdid the Captain Kirk's Slingshot Effect

The Orville crew has discovered an easier method of time travel rather than Kirk's dangerous slingshot across the sun when they're stuck within the distant past.

The Orville's starship has just beat the slingshot effect, which was perfected in Kirk's Enterprise.

The original series, Star Trek: The Original Series The Enterprise used this method to travel forward and back in time during two episodes

"Tomorrow is Yesterday" and "Assignment: Earth" and in the film Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

The Enterprise is accelerated around a star nearby, by using gravity to boost the speed and break through the time barrier.

With the help of accurate calculations made by. Spock (Leonard Nimoy,) the crew was able to navigate to the proper location in the right time.

Captain Kirk's Enterprise maneuver was featured as part of Star Trek: Picard season 2. It was even transformed into an actual Pike technique during Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

In the Orville season 3 episode 6 "Twice in a Lifetime" calls for the Orville's crew Orville to return to 2015 to help the trapped Gordon Malloy.

But they make a mistake and arrive ten years in the past to help Gordon.