The Real Reason Tobey Maguire Stopped Drinking

It's not obvious however Tobey Maguire has experienced the kind of a tale of rags-to-riches normally reserved for a Hollywood film. 

Maguire was cast in a variety of roles in the 1990s however, he was able to make his mark when he was cast in the role of Spider-Man

a web-slinger who is most well-known for his swoops through New York City in a body-skin-tight outfit under the pretense of fighting crime even in 2000. 

As the role catapulted Maguire to international fame and we know that you'll be hard-pressed to see him swigging champagne in a bottle to celebrate his accomplishments -or any other alcohol-based drink, in particular. 

Maguire is rare in Hollywood in the sense Maguire isn't a drinker. In fact, he doesn't drink anymore. 

"I don't believe it's an untruth that I've been clean since I was 19" the actor told People in 2003. 

The actor claims that he "stopped taking any psychoactive substances" and has been abstinence-based since then and the reason behind being sober might be a surprise to you. 

Tobey Maguire's journey towards fame and success began with an incredibly humble start. 

As per The Week, the actor was born to parents struggling to survive.