The reason Thor 4's Children-Soldiers were a Fault

Every kid wants to be a superhero. Capes, bright costumes magical weapons, supernatural capabilities, what's not to look forward to? 

This is the appeal of Marvel films, and one of the primary reasons why they are so popular. 

Everyone can enjoy watching a film by being able to identify as the protagonist and picturing them as heroes, especially if they happen to be a hero that is a superhero.

However, this method of making the audience be a part of the characters may be too much. 

Then comes Thor: Love and Thunder The principal plotline of the fourth film centers on Gorr The God Butcher. 

Gorr is determined to destroy all gods following being unhappy with the god that he worshiped, when the entire his race and his daughter, Love died. 

In an attempt to kill Thor, Gorr invades New Asgard and kidnaps the Asgardian children. 

Thor sets out to save the children, along with Valkyrie, Korg and his ex-love lover the Dr. Jane Foster. 

There are some scenes intended for the adult crowd, for instance, an episode that features Zeus, the Greek god Zeus and children, they are also often atured.