It has been more than 40 years since Indiana Jones was first presented to the world. 

"Raiders of the Lost Ark," the first film in the franchise's iconic franchise, was released in 1981. 

inspired many video games and has since spawned four more films. A fiercely loyal fanbase has also been created.

Filming wrapped on the upcoming film, currently known as "Indiana Jones 5", in February. 

It will star a star-studded ensemble that includes Harrison Ford. But, it could be his last (more later).

It's impossible to imagine the franchise without Ford. 

However, rumors circulated in 2019 that Chris Pratt, the "Jurassic World", the actor would replace Ford in a remake of Indiana Jones. 

Pratt joked that he didn't want the veteran actor to be replaced, which was funny. "All I know about Harrison Ford is that I once saw a quote.

Although details about the movie are kept secret, we have all the information we can from cast members to a date for the "Indiana Jones 5" film!