The son of Anne Heche has questions about whether the validity of the will

Homer Laffoon - whose father was the late actress 'Donnie Brasco's husband of her ex Coleman Laffoon - 

has been involved in a dispute between himself and James Tupper after the actor passed away in an accident in August. 

the actor has added nine pages to his petition to assume control of her estate.

In the new papers, the 20-year-old claims that a 2011 document James claimed was the will that named the administrator of the estate of Anne is not valid 

as the signature isn't that of the actress and was not witnessed by two witnesses, which is a legal requirement.

The documents discovered in People magazine state: "Mr. Tupper repeatedly refers to the email that is attached to the objection as a "will.'

But -- legally the email is not regarded as a holographic or"holographic" will or a formal will.

"The email does not meet the legal requirements required for a valid holographic will since the substantive terms of the will purportedly signed are not written by the decedent. 

A will is considered to be valid as a holographic one, regardless of whether or not it's witnessed if the signature and all the provisions are written in the handwriting of the executor.