Three Michael Jackson songs were removed from Streamers over Suspect Vocals

Three songs from the posthumous compilation Michael were removed from streaming services because of ongoing suspicions they may contain fake vocals. 

These vocals are attributed to Michael Jackson.

"The Estate Michael Jackson and Sony Music decided that removing the tracks Breaking News', 'Monster', and 'Keep Your Head up' 

from Michael's 2010 album Michael was the best and easiest way to move past the conversation associated with those tracks once and for all," 

said a statement from Sony Music and The Jackson estate on Tuesday, July 5. It also explained the decision to spike the songs via streamers.

Although the statement didn't address persistent rumors that some songs might have Jackson's vocals, it did mention the possibility.

Jackson died in 2009. The statement said that the focus is on exciting new and existing projects to honor Michael Jackson's legacy. 

These include the Tony-winning Broadway musical MJ and the hugely popular Michael Jackson- ONE Las Vegas show. 

It also mentioned the upcoming biopic and the campaign to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Thriller, which was the most-sold album in history.