Tiffany Haddish's Accuser Dismisses the Child Sexual Abuse Lawsuit She says "Wish [Her] the Best"

The 22-year-old woman named Jane Doe accused Tiffany Haddish and comedian Aries Spears of child sexual abuse 

in the last month has withdrawn her case against both celebrities according to multiple reports.

On September. 20th, Entertainment Weekly confirmed that the Jane Doe plaintiff asked a judge to dismiss the lawsuit with prejudice, and therefore the case cannot be refiled.

In an interview with TMZ who was which was the first news outlet to break the information,

 the plaintiff wrote, "My family and I have had the privilege of knowing Tiffany Haddish for years

We now realize that she won't hurt me or my son nor aid anyone else to do things that could harm us. 

We would like to wish Tiffany all the best of luck and are happy that we've all be able to put this behind our heads.

"On August. 30th, Jane Doe sued Haddish and Spears on behalf of her and her younger brother whom she is the legal guardian for is named John Doe.

The court documents relating to a civil lawsuit that was filed in the state's Superior Court for Los Angeles Count