Tom Cruise's Worst Movie Ever Is Streaming

Tom Cruise was recently described as "irrelevant" by none other than the actor who played War Pigs himself, Mickey Rourke. 

In the meantime, Cruise recently received an impressive Palme d'Or, one of the top awards in film 

also had the largest business success in his commercially successful career, 

with Top Gun: Maverick, Mickey Rourke was more speaking about his tendency to portray the same type of action heroes who are stoic in his post-1990s film.

He may have a hint of an argument but there was a period in the past when Tom Cruise did actually take risks. 

Some of those risks didn't result in a positive outcome, at most with critics, which could be a reason why the actor stopped taking risks. 

The most damaging offender is the film from 1988, Cocktail which has the lowest Rotten Tomatoes score of Tom Cruise's career. It's also available via Paramount

Tom Cruise stars in Cocktail as Brian Flanagan, an eager young professional who recently was released from the Army. 

He gets to meet the family of his uncle Pat, in which he's told that the secret to success is to relentlessly out-think and out-perform everyone else in a style of a pep talk.