Tom Hanks Wants to Replace Tim Allen With Chris Evans on "Lightyear"

Tom Hanks says he "didn't grasp" the choice to choose Chris Evans in the role of Buzz Lightyear in the upcoming film, replacing his long-time actor Tim Allen.

Hanks the voice of the first in Woody of The Toy Story franchise, was interviewed during his Elvis public appearance how he felt about being facing the film of Buzz Lightyear in the theaters.

"How 'bout that? I really wanted to compete with Tim Allen, and then they wouldn't permit Tim Allen do it. I'm confused by that."

Allen was the voice of Buzz in the franchise's four films from 1995 until 2019 and has recently questioned the concept behind the film, and not just the character's exclusion.

Allen admitted that, despite the fact that the film has "a amazing story," it doesn't appear to be in any way connected to  that toy."

"I am hoping for an improved connectivity," the man told Extra.

Allen said that Allen also noted that there were "no Buzz without (Hanks') Woody."

Chris Evans, who has taken over Tim Allen in the role Chris Evans has been adamant regarding the casting change while praising his predecessor.

"My younger self was probably just pinching his own self," the Captain America star said on Good Morning America last month.