Tom Hanks's son accuses his parents of having 'destroyed him'

Chester is Tom Hanks' third son, and he was the result of his marriage with Rita Wilson, an actor and singer.

His family has had a lot of problems with Chester Hanks (also known as Chet), during his childhood. At 17 years old, authorities had to send Hanks to rehab.

Tom's son, was a star in shows such as 'Shameless,' and 'Empire'. He wanted to look back through his YouTube channel.

Chester shared the truth about growing up Hanks as one of his contentions on his channel.

He reveals the trauma he underwent as a teenager, and details the benefits he received from having his father's surname.

Chester stated, "I was at my lowest point in life, completely lost."

"To the point that the hysteria exceeded the limits of what I could handle.

They destroyed me psychologically. I was completely out of control. I would not change my situation, and I love my parents."

Chester also spoke out about the benefits of being Hanks.