Top 10 Fun Facts about Kim Jisoo (Blackpink), You may like it.

Kim Jisoo is a South Korean singer, model, actress, and member of the kpop girl group BLACKPINK.

Blackpink Jisoo born in 1995, Gunpo, south Korea. Jisoo has an sister and brother, she is youngest one among them.

In School time Jisoo was very popular for her beauty, looks and kindness. When she smiles her lips turn into heart shape.

Jisoo loves laughing and that's why she laughs a lot. She always gives random nicknames to peoples.

Kim Jisoo can speak Korean and Japanes along with some basic Chinese. According to Jennie She doesn't speak English, but she can understand very well.

Jisoo has a lot of Pikachu merchandise, because she really likes Pikachu. She keeps a stack of manga comics near her bed beacuse loves reading books and manga.

Jisoo can play drums and piano very well but not the guitar. She can play baskeetball and inline skates along with taekwondo.

Jisoo is the only member is Blackpink that hasn't cried at award shows, but she cries in alone according to group members.

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