Kylie Jenner is a billionaire, which makes her shopping list very grand and expensive. Let have a look at her top 10 most expensive things.


Kylie’s Stunning Jewellery

Kylie has a several expensive Jewellery in her collection, most expensive one is Rolex watch worth $53,000.


Kylie’s expensive Parties

Kylie's parties are always trending one on the internet. She rented six flags in Los Angeles was worth $150,000 for Travis’s 26th birthday


Her expensive Handbag Collection

Kylie Jenner owns 400 different handbags, her personal favorite is Hermes Birkin bag collection. The most expensive one is Himalayan croc skin Hermes worth $432,000.


Kylie’s Grand Wardrobe

Kylie's MET gala gown was worth $8.6 million, Julien Macdonald mini dress was worth $16,000, and her 21st birthday outfit was worth $8,000.


Her Expensive Manager

Well, Kylie's manager is none other than her own mother Kris Jenner. Kris gets paid 10% of the management fee, which is $17 million a year.


Gifts For Travis

Kylie’s love has no limits.  She gifted Travis several luxury vacations, designer clothes, and even some rare jewelry pieces.


Stormi’s Stuff

Kylie's little princess Stormi owns several expensive stuff like her designer shoes, outfits, and even toys. She also has a mini Louis Vuitton Lamborghini


Private jet

Kylie Jenner flys on her private jet, which is worth around 1 million dollars. if she doesn’t travel on her private jet, she usually rents private jets worth $60,000


Luxurious Cars

Kylie Jenner has several luxurious cars like Bentley Bentayga ($229,000), Lamborghini ($400,000), and Ferrari ($250,000). She even has stunning Rolls Royce.


Holmby Hills Mansion

Recently Kylie Jenner purchased a $36.5 Million mansion in Holmby Hills, California for fun and hang out with her friends.