Top Penny Stocks To Buy Now? 5 For Your April 2022 Watch List 

Penny Stocks To Watch For April 2022 

1. Westwater Resources Inc. 2. The Metals Co 3. United States Antimony Corp 4. Orbital Energy Group Inc 5. B2Gold Corp

Westwater Resources Inc. (NYSE: WWR) 

Electric vehicle stocks have gotten a recharge thanks to news from the White House and some smaller catalysts stemming from Tesla news. 

According to management, the company has already begun discussions with “several” battery manufacturers. They aim to sign multi-year supply agreements. 

The Metals Co. (NASDAQ: TMC) 

Shares of The Metals Co. have gained momentum over the last few sessions. This week, the company announced a pilot collector vehicle in the North Sea 

The Metals Company now plans to begin the prep work for a full pilot nodule collection trial later this year. With a focus on EV industry stocks, TMC could be one of the names to follow. 

United States Antimony Corp. (NYSE: UAMY) 

US Antimony is one of the mining penny stocks. The company has built its model around efficient antimony production in Los Juarez. 

The total sold tonnage for January and February 2022 jumped more than 45% compared to the same period last year. 

Meanwhile, tons of antimony trioxide solder increased 130% during the same period, with average sale prices up more than 90%.  

Orbital Energy Group Inc. (NASDAQ: OEG) 

With renewable/green energy in mind, Orbital Energy Group shares are back in the spotlight. The company operates through multiple subsidiaries.

With the majority of Orbital’s revenue coming from electric power, a robust market in 2022 has been a bright spot for those looking at energy penny stocks. 

B2Gold Corp. (NYSE: BTG) 

B2Gold Corp. is one of the gold penny stocks gaining ground in the stock market this year. Since January, BTG stock has climbed from under $3.50 to over $4.60 this week. 

Part of the recent uptick in action seems to have also stemmed from positive Q4 and full-year 2021 results reported on March 22nd. 

The company also updated “significantly increased” mineral resource estimates for its Anaconda near its Fekola Mine in Mali. 

Given the current events fueling volatility in the stock market today, April could be an interesting month for penny stocks.