Top Gun Maverick Box Office (US): Hits Another Record, Surpasses Christian Bale's The Dark Knight After Crossing $500 Million Mark

Top Gun Maverick is currently playing in theatres even though discussions regarding the streaming release have started.

Although no announcement regarding this Tom Cruise starrer premiering on

OTT has been announced yet, the sequel has been making records in its box-office.

From its first release to today the film has performed wonders.

Cruise reprises her role as Maverick and this time, he's not an Student of Top Gun but a teacher.

Along with the other actors is able to perform several of the more dangerous actions on their own.

Every aerial stunt is just as thrilling as the next.While we talk about the box-office success

the film Top Gun Maverick has set a new record by crossing the milestone of $500 million across the US.

As of now, according to BoxOfficeMojo it has Tom Cruise starrer has churned into $1.020 billion