Transformers Star Shia LaBeouf thought of ending his life following being humiliated in a sex battery case: "I had a gun lying on the table

Transformers Star Shia LaBeouf has been in the news following his breakup with his girlfriend 

as well as singer FKA Twigs making a formal complaint against him, accusing him of sexual assault, battery, and emotional distress.

They had a brief relationship for less than one year before breaking up in May of 2019. 

While Shia denied all allegations but he did apologize for his sloppy behavior.

Shia, the Hollywood actor has since confessed to having suicidal thoughts after being savagely shamed which led to him reaching the lowest point of his life.

In the course of conversations at the Crossroads with Bishop Robert Barron, Shia confirmed that he's a Catholic and explained how his connection to the faith saved him. 

"I had an assault weapon in my hand. I was gone. I did not want to live at all the time when this happened.

You're not able to go out and buy tacos," the Hollywood News actor who made the tacos said.