Travis Kelce's Patrick Mahomes warning for the rest of NFL

Travis Kelce gives Patrick Mahomes his take that is sure to scare the all of NFL

The manner in which Travis Kelce is hyping Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes this year should make the rest of the NFL anticipate the future.

Patrick Mahomes wasn't at his most efficient in 2021.

That isn't a good thing considering Mahomes still led the Chiefs to an overall record of 12-5 and two playoff wins.

He's just 26 years old and his an upcoming birthday in September. He's not even at his peak.

One of his most sought-after targets is his tight end Travis Kelce

who is making it evident that Mahomes continues to develop and improve every year. 

This offseason has been especially productive for the quarterback.

"What Pat's able to do is keep developing," Kelce stated following Chiefs practices on Monday.