TurboTax discounts and coupons 2022 Save yourself some money on tax filing. 

Filing taxes is like doing chores — it’s not always enjoyable but it must be done.

but at least you only have to file taxes once a year, whereas you have to do dishes multiple times a day 

One way to lessen the burden is using tax preparation software like TurboTax, and even better if you can find a discount while you’re at it. 

Here are a few options for TurboTax discounts and coupons in 2022 

TurboTax Free Edition 

If you have a simple tax return (1040 only), you can file your federal and state taxes for free.  

This includes W-2 income, limited interest, dividend income, standard deductions, earned income tax credit (EIC), child tax credits, and student loan interest deduction.  

Note you can start any version of TurboTax for free and pay only when you file. 

TurboTax Referral Program 

If you invite friends to TurboTax, you can get a $25 gift card for each new friend you refer to TurboTax, up to $250, and they can get up to 20% off when they file. Win-win. 

TurboTax Military Discount 

Active duty and reservists of an enlisted rank (E-1 through E-9) can file their federal and state taxes for free using any TurboTax products,  

including Free Edition, Deluxe, Premier, and Self-Employed. Enter your military W-2, verify your rank, and the discount will be applied when you file. 

TurboTax for Students 

Qualifying students can get over $1,000 back in education credits and deductions. 

TurboTax / AAA discount 

AAA members can save up to $20 on TurboTax products.

TurboTax discount / Fidelity 

Fidelity customers can get up to $20 off on TurboTax products, and your Fidelity investment income can be automatically imported for you. 

Many credit cards such as American Express, Bank of America, Citi, Chase, and Wells Fargo also offer various discounts on TurboTax products.