Val Kilmer Wants His Most Famous Role

There aren't many comic book heroes that have more live-action or animated versions than Batman. 

From the fun but loved Adam West version of the 1960s, to the darker and gritty reimagining of the Robert Pattinson film The Batman

much of Batman's story is authentic to the original source material. 

However, not every rendition of Batman is a hit with the fans. 

Following the popularity of Tim Burton's two Michael Keaton-directed movies, Batman and Batman Returns, Warner Bros put the third film in motion. 

The only problem was it's Tim Burton left the project and Michael Keaton. 

The franchise was transferred by Joel Schumacher and Val Kilmer with a lighter and more child-friendly approach to The Dark Knight. 

Batman Forever did not do the same as its predecessors, however it was a cult hit. In recent times, actor spoke about the possibility of returning.

Jim Vejvoda of IGN took to Twitter to record his emails in correspondence with Val Kilmer.