Victoria Beckham's 10-year-old daughter disapproves of her mother's Spice Girls style.

Although Victoria Beckham is a fashion icon, Harper Beckham believes her mom was a flawed fashion designer.

Victoria revealed to Vogue Australia that Harper had harsh feedback about Harper's past looks.

She said, "She's not one of these kids who are going out with a full face of makeup and a crop top."

She actually said this to me recently: "Mummy, I saw some photos of you back when you were with the Spice Girls, and your skirts were just not acceptable."

They were too short. Her husband, David Beckham, also shared the same sentiment.

The performer, who was formerly known by the name Posh Spice, continued: "Then David piped up to say, 'Absolutely Harper! I said, 'They really, really were.’

She was actually disgusted by how short my skirts were. I asked her, "Are you ever going to wear skirts that short?" She replied, "Absolutely no."

While Victoria acknowledged that she doesn't like those costumes and doesn't really miss them, the Birkin bags from that period and Tom Ford for Gucci pieces have remained.

She explained that the other Spice Girls were not into fashion so she was able get designer pieces at a high price.