Vince McMahon Forced A Female Wrestler to Have oral S*x with him

The cloud of controversy continues to surround former CEO and chairman of WWE, Vince McMahon.

Vince McMahon was always on the radar for various negative motives, whether it was his actions or backstage drama.

But it's his alleged sexual relationships with former employees that created irreparable damage for him.

It was during the course of the month that the news of McMahon engaging in a sexual affair with an employee of the former in WWE was revealed.

It was reported that the WWE star paid an enormous amount to the female employee and signed a nondisclosure contract.

But, the situation became more complicated after it was discovered that there was a possibility of recurrence in similar instances.

As the investigation goes forward, Vince McMahon has stepped out of his position as the chairman and CEO.

Then the news in the Wall Street Journal has left all of us in shock.

The report claims that Vince has paid up to 12 million dollars to four women who were part of WWE