Warner Bros. Scraps All Superman Films for More Henry Cavill Movies

Fans who want to see Henry Cavill as Superman again on the big screen may find some hope in the recent movie studio shakeup.

Henry Cavill's future in Superman's role has been uncertain since 2017's disappointment, Justice League.

Despite Cavill's desire to reprise the role and the fans' constant requests for him to do so, Warner Bros.

Studios has not indicated that they will move forward with Cavill as their Man of Steel.

TheWrap.com reports that CEO David Zaslav has taken over Warner Bros.' reins and is moving forward with a major restructuring of the studio, including its DC Entertainment division.

While Zaslav has not yet revealed any details about his plans for Superman and the DC Entertainment divisions,

a source close enough to him suggests that it would be best to cancel all Superman projects in favor of starting over with Henry Cavill.

According to The Wrap's DC insider: "They [Warner Bros] should cancel any Superman projects currently in development and begin from scratch with [Henry] Cavill."

According to the article, they need to make a Superman movie. If the plan is to create a shared universe, then a Superman led (Henry Cavill) needs to be the center point."