What did Russell Wilson write on his jersey to Bills' Josh? 

Russell Wilson did not play for the Denver Broncos in their 42-15 preseason defeat in the preseason game against Buffalo Bills. 

Buffalo Bills, but he enjoyed a seat in the front row watching Josh Allen's first drive. 

Allen seemed to be at his best in midseason. Allen was able to complete all three passes for 45 yards.

The drive ended with a touchdown of 28 yards towards Gabe Davis. 

After this game, Wilson as well as Allen found each other on the field and exchanged their jerseys. 

In his letter to Allen, Wilson referred to the quarterback as"a "young legend."

"Josh! Keep on being a famous figure" Wilson wrote. "Always enjoyable watching you! Let's ride!"

Allen gave an "let's ride" back to Wilson in hashtag format at the at the end of the message.

"Russ, thank you for all you've done for the game," Allen wrote. "All love."