What Milly Alcock Is Doing After House Of The Dragon

Here's the story of what Milly Alcock has been up to since leaving House of the Dragon and coming out as a young Rhaenyra Targaryen. 

This Game of Thrones prequel is specifically focusing on the Targaryen Dynasty and the conflict which results that of King Viserys I naming his successor. 

In spite of the tradition that the first male child would be his heir, Visery's struggle to have an heir caused him to choose Rhaenyra as his heir. 

It was controversial. the decision made Rhaenyra an enormous role to take on in the House of the Dragon, 

which will set the stage for her future role in the war between Targaryens which is currently in the horizon.

Due to her role in the film, Milly Alcock's performance as young Rhaenyra is among the most memorable lessons in House of the Dragon. 

In a cast populated by talented and famous performers, Milly Alcock truly stood out with a standout performance.

The story was a bit complicated and required the HBO show to change the character of Rhaenyra as a character, with Emma D'Arcy playing her moving forward. 

It was widely known prior to when House of the Dragon ever was released however Milly Alcock becoming an outstanding character in the show was never anticipated.