Why Black Panther 2 Leans Into Namor's 'Weird' Aesthetic: 'It's All Fun

Ryan Coogler, director and co-writer of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever revealed how he brought the distinctive appearance that is Namor to life.

Coogler talked about adapting the Sub-Mariner's unique style into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Entertainment Weekly.

"I believe that when you make these kinds of films you have to get into the unorthodox otherwise you're missing the things that make it enjoyable," he explained.

"He's with really unique attributes and things that don't always have to be in a relationship. 

He's able to breathe in the water, of course, however, he's got small wings around his ankles. He's got pointed ears and is able to walk through the streets dressed in underwear. 

It's all good fun, man. "In the new trailer to Wakanda Forever, M'Baku (Winston Duke) claims that Namor's people refer to him as "K'uk'ulkan the serpent with feathers god." 

which refers to Namor's brand new roots within Mesoamerican mythology. 

The change was made to differentiate Namor and DC's Aquaman who was already in the Greek-inspired Kingdom of Atlantis.