Why Hawkeye Has Hearing Aids In His MCU Show

What is the reason why Hawkeye wears hearing aids in Disney+'s Hawkeye television show? 

The voice of Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye is a major part of the MCU franchise, despite being the source of many a joke since his appearance in Thor in addition, 

his Hawkeye hearing aid is an eloquent reminder of the cost it took the actor to become an Avenger.

He has since played important parts as a character in The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron, Clint Barton went through hell without the aid of super soldier serums or god-like abilities. 

Yet, many seem to believe that Hawkeye is the evilest Avenger. Clint Barton's story was set to conclude with the final chapter of the Marvel's Infinity Saga. 

Due to the Avenger's time heist, the characters who vanished at the whim of Thanos the snap were reunited as well as Barton returned home

to his family 5 years later and still bearing the emotional scars from his murderous spree in the form of Ronin. 

But the stories of the first Avengers aren't finished, with each of the heroes being represented in the future of the MCU in a different way.

For Hawkeye, the archer with a keen eye trains his highly skilled, overeager replacement, Kate Bishop, as also battling Ronin's ghosts in the aftermath of Endgame as he adjusts his life to cope with his hearing loss