Why Numenorians Hate Elves In The Rings Of Power 

Although it might not be obvious why the Men of Numenor loathe Elf in The Lord of the Rings 

The Rings of Power is a compelling story, Tolkien's lore may help fill in the gaps. 

Season 1, Episode 3, Galadriel, Halbrand and their companions are taken to Numenor's magnificent island kingdom more or less as prisoners.

The Numenorians greet them with open hostility. They also learn that Elendil was the captain who saved them at sea. 

Numenor had banned Elves from their shores. However, this was not always the case. 

Later in the episode it is revealed that Elros, Elrond’s beloved Half-elven brother, was the first king from Numenr. 

This further complicates the fractured alliance between these two peoples.