Why Robert Downey Jr Left The MCU & Iron Man 

Robert Downey Jr. left his role as Iron Man in 2019, significantly altering the MCU. 

Downey was first introduced in the role of Tony Stark with Jon Favreau's first Iron Man film in 2008. 

The character was a staple of the MCU and was featured in two more Iron Man movies and several other franchise films. 

Iron Man sacrificed himself in Avengers: Endgame, with the last film in which Downey was the iconic hero. 

As Marvel offers a glimpse of Ironheart in the lead-up to Black Panther 2 

it's normal to wonder how her appearance will fit into the history that is Iron Man, and how Ironheart differs from the other. 

A appearance by Downey and the iconic character would be an exciting way to introduce Ironheart into the Marvel universe.