Why Summer Glau stopped acting and where she is now

Many people know her as River Tam from Firefly. Many people know her as Cameron Phillips from Terminator. 

You may be wondering why Summer Glau hasn't been on the screen for a while, regardless of her name.

Summer Glau: What's the story? Here's the latest information about Summer Glau.

Summer's first child was born in 2015, and she had her second daughter in 2017.

Above, she is seen taking photos with her fans one last time she was out in public.

Glau's inability to be seen for a while due to motherhood's ability to put life in perspective is a major reason she hasn’t been seen. We wish her well.

She is a talented actress who has found her way back to small-screen television. In 2002, Summer Glau was a ballerina on Angel. 

Even though it was just one episode, Glau made an impact on Joss Whedon, who turned that episode into her next hit TV series Firefly.

Summer Glau was great with River Tam, her complex character.