Why Thomas Shelby doesn't Eat Anything in Peaky Blinders

"Peaky Blinders" has been focused on figuring out the factors that make Thomas Shelby tick 

an issue that is shared by his most loyal allies and fiercest adversaries alike. 

But, the reason for his motivations and ambitions has been an unanswerable mystery even to Tommy himself, 

who is motivated as he is to succeed in both monumental and terrifying feats? 

In the end, his actions have pushed him and his family members from the smog-strewn streets of Small Heath all the way to the halls of Parliament. 

One thing is for certain his meteoric ascendance to higher-ranking and more dangerous places of power is sometimes unrecognizable from a downwards spiral.

Food isn't the only thing that keeps Tommy going.

It's ironic that people were among the first to discover when season four began that Tommy often resorted to skipping meals. 

Digital Spy reported Murphy's acceptance of fan feedback and confirmed its intent. "It seems like he never sleeps or eats," Murphy claimed, describing the character as "all-consuming."

In a recent interview on BBC Radio 1, the "Oppenheimer" actor went into more detail on how he Knight discovered this characteristic Tommy characteristic.