Why Tom Cruise's Jack Reacher Sequel Was So Bad

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back was the sequel and final installment within the Tom Cruise movie franchise; here's why it didn't go as planned. 

Reacher is a huge villain who first made his debut in the literary world with the novel The Killing Floor by author Lee Child. 

In the years since, Reacher has fronted over 20 novels, with his series being a thrilling blend of murder, 

she wrote-style mysteries with a lead character that could have been played by Dolph Lundgren. 

The adaptation of to the Reacher novel took quite a lengthy time, and the casting process itself was quite controversial. 

The difficulty of finding an actor on the A-list with Reacher's muscular physique as depicted in the novels - was a major block. 

When it was the time for the adaptation of Child's One Shot - with the film later renamed Jack Reacher - producers ditched the muscle/height criteria, which led the way for Tom Cruise being cast. 

Although getting one of the biggest film actors on the plane would be beneficial to many projects, the fans were disappointed with the choice. 

Although Cruise was able to communicate the other traits of Reacher but he did not fit any mental picture of the character in the novels.